Monday, June 7, 2010

How to tether your Verizon Droid or Droid Incredible Android Phone to Ubuntu 9.04+ for FREE

Shannon VanWagner has outlined a method for tethering for FREE on Ubuntu with your Verizon Droid or Droid Incredible.

I have tried this method and it works very well.  This allows you to occasionally tether your laptop (say when you're in a cafe or an airport that doesn't have free Wifi).  This will use your data plan (but be mindful that Verizon does limit the "unlimited" data plan to 5 GB per month, so please don't think you can use this as your home internet connection!).

You can follow the step by step instructions, or just run the python script (instructions provided at the link above!).

I have found that this works on http and https.  In order to ensure that all applications work (including Evolution and Empathy IM, you must disable networking (not just wireless).

Happy Tethering!

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