Monday, June 7, 2010

Sprint EVO 4G Android phone vs Apple iPhone 4


God has spoken.

The Apple iPhone 4 is here, leaving Apple fanboys across the globe salivating and clearing their social schedule for June 24th.

I have to admit, Apple has delivered a great new product, but I feel that the Sprint EVO 4G phone is a formidable opponent to the iPhone 4.  I have presented here a comparison of the features:

EVO 4G iPhone 4
Operating System Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI iOS 4
Screen 800 x 480, 4.3-inch 960 x 640, 3.5-inch
Thickness 0.47-inch 0.37-inch
Primary camera 8 megapixel 5 megapixel
Secondary camera 1.3 megapixel VGA
Video chat Qik (3G/4G/Wifi) FaceTime (WiFi only)
Processor Snapdragon 1 Ghz Processor Apple A4
USB Yes Apple Dock Cable
HDMI Output Yes No
HD Recording Mode 720p 720p
Flash Yes, Dual LED Yes, Single LED
Multitasking Yes, Full Multitasking Approximated Multitasking. Not all apps can actually run in the background. Only certain approved apps.
Storage Space 16 GB microSD (purchase for ~$40) or 32 GB (expensive) 16 GB on $199 model, 32 GB on $299 model
Tethering Tethering with Sprint Tethering Plan -OR- use alternative paid apps like PDANet or EasyTether to tether for light use on your non-tethering plan -OR- use OpenVPN in conjunction with Azilink (both free and open source) Tethering with AT&T Tethering Plan
GPS Navigation Full FREE turn by turn 3D graphical directions using Google Navigation. Android phones can fully replace your mobile GPS devices. NavTeq navigation, but not pretty turn by turn 3D like on Android phones.
Google Integration Push gmail, google calendar, google contacts, google voice, google talk. All work effortlessly. Can set up gmail as an exchange account. No google voice.
Google Voice YES! Integrates with the phone's dialer, and has push SMS over data (can use this to eliminate your texting plan) No! Banned by Apple
Data Connections 4G (WiMax) / 3G / WiFi EDGE / 3G / WiFi
FM Radio Yes No
Cute Little Kickstand Yes No
Price $199 + ~$40 for 16 microSD card $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB
Release Date June 4th 2010 June 24th 2010
Apple Fanboy Status No Yes
Google Person Status Yes No


  1. I must say, I am impressed with the new iphone and will most likely be dropping TMobile (the land of crappy phones) and getting an iphone. I just have to convince TMo that I don't get coverage in specific areas I travel to (which is true) and break my contract. After, we can have a dual--Google Fanboy vs. Apple Fangirl (somewhat).

  2. Proud owner of the EVO, and after having played with my friends iphone4s (yes, multiple of them got it), I love my phone even more. Running LauncherPro + Pure Messenger + Beautiful Widgets + Mario Wallpaper. All of which are things the iphone CANNOT do.